How to Create Google Web Stories

You must now have a clear understanding of what Google Web Stories are, so please tell us how to make them. Whether your blog is hosted by WordPress or I have provided you with all the knowledge you need to create web stories for both platforms.

WordPress Web Story Creation Guide

Google’s Web Stories is the finest plugin for building a web story if your blog is powered by WordPress. The procedure listed below should be followed in order to produce web stories using this plugin.

#1 – Install and activate the Web Stories plugin on your WordPress website first.

#2 – Next, a section titled Stories will show up in the left-side menu where you can start to construct a web narrative.

#3- You must select the option to “Create New Story” here.

#4 – You will now have access to a dashboard where you may develop an engaging online tale.

You may build web tales using numerous capabilities in this plugin called Web tales, including:

  • Any image or video can be uploaded here.
  • You can use freely licensed third-party pictures, videos, and GIFs.
  • Your web story can have text added above it.
  • You can embellish your narrative with various Shapes and Stickers.
  • You will receive a variety of templates for your online tale.
  • Link can be added to web story.
  • Web stories can be visually appealing by using animation.
  • In web narrative, formatting can be done.
  • You can make web stories using WordPress by watching this video guide.

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Creating Web Stories in Blogger

You can still build a web story even if your blog is hosted by Blogger, but it may take you longer to do so than it would on WordPress.

Make tale is the name of the program we’ll use to build a web tale on Blogger. To build a web story on Blogger, adhere to the steps provided below.

#1 – Visit the Make Story official website and register for an account using your Gmail ID first. which is quite simple.

#2 – Next, use the feature to build a visually appealing web narrative by clicking build New narrative at the top. The same capabilities seen in the WordPress plugin Web Stories are also present here.

#3 – After developing a web story, select post to post it after fully optimizing it for search engines.

#4 – Next, select the Short URL option and then select Copy Embed to copy the web story’s code.

Return to your Blogger Dashboard and create a new page called Web Story. This completes step five.

#6: Launch HTML View on the website and paste the code you just copied. Your web article will be created on Blogger in this manner.

After that, if you want to make another web tale, you may simply paste the code into the web story page directly without having to build a new page.

How may Web Stories be added to Google Discover?

Many bloggers’ web stories are not accessible in Google Discover even after being indexed, therefore you should take care of some of the items listed below to make Google web stories visible in Google Discover.

#1: The theme must be mobile-friendly.

Your theme should, first and foremost, be mobile-friendly since the web story function is exclusive to mobile devices. For a theme that is mobile-friendly, you can use generatepress. Yes

A mobile-friendly and lightweight theme is generatepress. The Google Mobile Friendly Test Tool can be used to perform a mobile friendly test.

#2: Web Stories ought to be in AMP

Welcome to the AMP Edition of Your Web Story. Check to see if your Web Story are in the AMP version using Google’s AMP validator tool.

#3: Regularly Post Web Stories

Web Story are released on a regular timetable; if you don’t release them, Google Discover is likely to receive all of your web stories.

#4: Web stories need to be indexed

Your online stories won’t show up in Google Discover if Google hasn’t indexed them. Because of this, you can quickly index your web story using the method described above.

#5: Write web stories in accordance with Google’s recommendations.

The fifth and last requirement is that you must create web story in accordance with Google’s criteria in order for them to appear in Google Discover. That is why I gave you a detailed explanation of Google Web Story rules above.

Advantages of Producing a Web Narrative

Some of the main benefits of producing a Google Web Story are as follows:

  • With Web Story, you can drive millions of visitors to your blog.
  • Web stories are swiftly indexed by Google as well.
  • Google Discover traffic begins to flow to your web content on the first or second day after it has been indexed.
  • Google Web Story can be made profitable with AdSense.
  • By including affiliate links on Google Web Story, you can also make money.
  • If your company has a website, Google Web Story can help you sell more of your product.
  • You can broaden the audience for your blog material using online stories.

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