Know About Google Web Stories

Know About Google Web Stories

Google occasionally releases new upgrades, which are advantageous to both publishers and Internet users. Google Web Stories, the basis of our essay today, is one of Google’s best products.

People prefer to see content in the form of video, shorts, slideshows, reels, etc. these days, thus social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube use all of these.

Google didn’t want to fall behind in such a scenario, so it introduced Google Web Stories, a new feature that allows users to view content in a visual format.

In this post, we will provide you all the information you need to know about Google Web Stories, including what they are, their history, how to produce them, where they appear, how to make money off of them, and their advantages.

We have done our best to provide you with a comprehensive overview of Google Web Stories in this article so that you won’t need to visit any other websites to learn more.

However, in order to achieve this, you must read the article all the way through. Friends, let’s get this topic started without wasting too much of your time.

What Exactly are Google Web Stories?

Google Web Stories is a brand-new feature that allows users to view content in a visual style. Users can view Web Stories in Google Search and Google Discover Feed. AMP technology is what powers Google Web Story.

Video, music, images, text, and animation are all used to make web tales. The Google web story is formatted similarly to how you see the story on Instagram. However, it is more sophisticated than Instagram Story. In Google Web Stories, you may add links, adverts, calls to action, etc.

Every day, they are exposed to web stories about the kinds of information that people search for on Google. Because of this, producers may readily connect with their intended audience.

Google Web Stories’s Past

Stating that Google introduced Web Stories in 2018. Back then, it was known as Stories of Web. Nevertheless, it is currently known as Google Web Stories. Web tales were not well known in their early days, which prevented many publishers from using them.

However, Google has been heavily advertising web stories since the end of 2021, and any writer who creates web stories sees a lot of traffic to his blog. If you just started your blog today, you can drive a lot of attention to it right away by producing a web story.

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Where can I find Web Stories?

Many users are unaware of where to find web articles. Let us know the solution to this as well.

You can watch Google Web Stories on your Android or iPhone because they were created with mobile devices in mind.

After opening the Google Discover stream and scrolling down a bit, you can see web tales like these, which are Google Web tales.

Guidelines for Google Web Stories

You should be aware of the rules that Google has set down for authors to follow while generating web stories.

  • There shouldn’t be any copyrighted content in the web story.
  • No more than 180 characters may be used on one page.
  • Use only High Definition and High Quality Photos or Videos in Google Web Stories.
  • The Google web story needs to be sequential (step-by-step).
  • The length of the video should not go over 15 seconds if it is being used in a web story.
  • Complete the web story.
  • A web story should only have one link.
  • A web narrative must include a minimum of 5 slides and a maximum of 30 slides.
  • Web stories should have titles and descriptions.
  • Use the publisher image and poster logo in your web article.
  • Web story creation resources

For generating Google online Stories, there are primarily 3 tools accessible; by combining all of these tools, you may produce a visually appealing online tale. Tell us which of the three instruments they are.

1: Web Stories

Google’s official tool is called Web Stories. By adding this plugin to WordPress, you can effortlessly create online tales. It is the greatest tool for building a web tale because it is Google’s own product.

2: Tell Stories

Another useful tool for free online story creation is Make Stories. The greatest tool for building a web narrative on Blogger is this one. You also get a lot of fantastic features in this.

3: Newsroom AI

Newsroom AI is the third resource for developing online stories. This application also allows you to make a visually appealing online tale. Use of it is pretty simple.

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