How to Earn Money from Chingari App

How to Earn Money from Chingari App

Hello friends welcome to my blog today in this blog we are going to discuss about how to earn money from the Chingari app. Also with the help of my post you will not face any difficulty after reading it. I have tried to give all the necessary information in my post so that you do not have any confusion after reading this post.

We must first know that what is chingari?

It is a short video app which was created by the Indian Company. Also this app is a entertainment platform which allows its users to create ,browse and share videos, play games and also you can easily read news in it. It also has 50 million + download in the recent times and also this app was launched recent in India. It always try to offer the talent which the people have in them and you can also easily craft something out of the box very easily. This app is almost user friendly and you do not have to face any difficulty while earning in this app.

How this app works and how to earn money from it?

As we all know that entertainment apps are almost now connected to the internet. Also this apps help us in showing a good short videos and make us laugh very easily. There are many short video which are present in India but then also the Indian audience has shown a great interest to the chingari app which in a very short time has manage to get over 50 million + download in no time and also the audience is loving this app very much because of its features.

One of the most important feature of this app is that has chingari coins. It has a very huge demand in the market. And we are also excited because this app always comes up with a new features added in it and also this app help us in earning money from this app very easily.

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What are Chingari coins used for?

I would like to tell you that this is a very good way to make money on chingari. You can always receive coins by remaining active on this app. Also this app organises different types of contest and also you can easily earn by participating in that contest. You can also easily convert this coins into the cash and withdraw this cash from your wallet into your upi account at anytime you want. And also sometime it depends that how much coin is available in your chingari coins in your wallet and also sometime it varies that minimum value being thousand coins. Also you can earn very easily by doing fun and also while not facing any difficulty in it.

How to earn chingari coins?

If you want to earn money on chingari then first you have to download this application from the Google Play store which is easily available on your device. Now I have given some simple steps below through which you can easily earn chingari coins.

You have to download the app for free and you have to select the language in this app which you want. Then you have to sign up in this app with the help of your email or with the phone number via OTP. After easily signing up into your account you will get 100 coins as the joining bonus in it.

If you have successfully created your account in this app then you can easily start earning money by getting chingari coins for the different activities which we will perform on this app. Here are some of the methods how to earn coins from it

Try to add original audio to it

If you will record original audio and after it you will upload on the chingari library then you will get a bonus of 10000 coins on this app. You have to make minimum of 60 second long audio but you should always be careful that there is no copyright content in this. You can easily earn coins from this app but you have to give maximum of five videos in this app daily for earning a huge amount of money from it.

Always try to use trending hashtags.

You can easily participate in the trending hashtag contest which is easily given on the app and by easily tagging on your post you can earn a good amount of money from it. If you are making a good video then your qualified video will get a minimum of 25000 chingari coins and if your profile is verified then your videos will get 50000 chingari coins.

Also I would like to suggest you that always try to avoid using more than one trending tag, and always try to use different generic tags for your videos. And also you must be sure that the image you are uploading must be always relevant to the hashtag or otherwise your account will not be approved and also if you will not get approval then you cannot earn chingari coins from this app. You must always upload maximum of five videos in a day so that you can start earning money from it.

By seeing a video

This app has also very interesting features that you will always get a coin if you will enjoy a video. And also the important advantage of this app is that there is no limit of getting cash on the videos you watch but always try to wait watch them till the end. You will not receive any coins if you will try to scroll the videos in your feed.

By commenting on the videos

You can also earn coins on the videos by giving a beautiful comments on the videos which you like. And also this app will reward for the only 50 comments everyday and also try to not give any spam comments in the videos. So do not try to give more than 50 comments because it is not useful because it will not earn any money after giving more than 50 comments in the app.

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