How to Get 10000 Diamond on Free Fire

How to Get 10000 Diamond on Free Fire:

How to Get 10000 Diamond on Free Fire: Hello friends today from this post I am going to discuss how to earn 10000 diamonds and freely play fire easily so that you can easily I need and play much of free fire game but you have to read the full post to get the full information how to on 10000 diamonds on free fire.

How to get free diamonds on free fire is told by everyone but today I am sharing some secret tips show that you can easily and 10000 diamonds on free fire and cannot have any difficulty on finding it. So get started to learn how to get free diamonds on free fire.

And what about if I told I also play free fire like all of you I always try to play with different different characters we have to get very huge amount of free fire diamonds so today I am going to deeply discuss about it.

So if any new user has come to my blog for the first time then I will like to tell you that our blog always try to provide useful information so that you can easily get help from the blog. You believe or not,to get the free fire diamonds there are various process which unit to understand very deeply to know how to on free diamonds in free fire.

If you don’t believe that I am going to share secret tips to get free diamond then you can easily leave this post and you can believe thI will surely make you able to reach 10000 free timers then you can stay on our blog but I will try to not leave any process while teaching you how to earn free diamond. Because it is a right way to earn diamond and get new new characters purchased in the free fire soccer finally we need to start the blog for which we have working for the month to get time and free fire for free.

How to earn free diamonds in free fire?

The technique that I will teach you application application through which you can use it and I will also give you some task through which you can easily earn free fire diamond. I will discuss to of the app through which you can earn free fire diamond so get started about the two applications and we will continue our post.

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How to earn free fire diamond through happy box:

Happy box application is a very good application to on free fire diamonds and also through this you can easily and money and from today this application can teach you hard one free fire diamond from it.

You can easily download the application from the Chrome and after downloading it from the Chrome it will need a very simple steps to follow through which we can easily earn money and also free fire diamonds it is a very good app to earn money and application and many people also use this application to earn money and free fire diamonds by using it.

Now I am going to teach you how to earn money through this app the only thing is needed is your phone and a good net connection and the money earn through it will be Paytm to your account and also it is very mandatory to open our Paytm account so that we can easily earn money through it.

  • The steps which I will tell in this post please follow it carefully then believe me it will become your good source of income and also you will learn free fire diamonds through it.
  • Firstly you have to download the application successfully and after downloading it open the app.
  • Then the next step will be your phone number give your personal phone number to the app you will receive an OTP and after giving the OTP your app will be ready to use.
    After opening the app will get an option of earn money then we have to click on the option.
  • When you will click on the earn money option you will find many option where you have to follow different different task and you will be able to start money through doing it.
  • You will start earning money through it and also free diamond through it and I will also try that you should follow this step to your friend so that they can also start earning money.

How to earn free diamond through status saver app:

The first thing is that we have to download the application from the Chrome and we are ready to open the app after downloading it.

After opening the app we will see diamond and option in the app then we will click on it.
Then we will get different types of task.

How to earn free diamond through earning app?

There are many apps in the Play Store which will recommend you to download it and after it you will get to earn free diamond but there are also many apps which will tell you that they will give you free diamond but they are doing fraud with you and also after doing the task you will not able to get the free diamond and there will be time waste for you which I will not try to recommend you.

So today the suggestion I have given you for earning free fire diamond for free will be very useful for you and I think you have also like it and also in this post there is not any problem.

I have fully confidence that from today you will easily learn how to earn free fire diamond and earn money on the same time through the same app I have try to cover all the topic which will help you.

If you want to learn anything more than you can go there are many website which will help you to earn more free diamonds in the free fire. I also think you will my post after reading it.

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