The Best Song Apps in India

The Best Song Apps in India

Hello friends welcome to my blog today in this blog we are going to discuss about the best song apps in India. In today’s time there are many song apps in India, so today from the help of this post I am going to discuss in brief about all the song apps in India through which you can easily listen songs and you do not have any difficulty in listening songs in it.

So now we are going to discuss about the top music streaming apps in India


It is a very popular music streaming apps in India as well as all over the world and it is almost used by millions of people all over the world. It also has a great options in it and it also offers a lot of variety of song to its users. If you want to listen to any favourite songs, albums and many more thing you can easily search it on Spotify. They have millions of songs in their app. Also I would like to tell you that for listening music in this app is almost free but if you want to listen the music with add free and also want to listen it offline then you have to purchase Spotify premium plans to enjoy it.

  • Some of the features which I have liked about spotify-
  • With the help of this you can easily use the app to stream music directly.
  • It is almost a free app
  • Also this app is very fast and you can easily search music in it.
  • Some of the subscription plans for Spotify are-
  • You will easily enjoy premium mini plans which has options rs 7 for one day and rupees 25 for one week.
  • It also has the student plans which starts with rupees 59 per month.
  • It also has a individual plans which starts with 119 per month.
  • You can also enjoy its family premium plan which starts with 179 per month.
  • You can also easily download this app from the Play Store without any difficulty.

Jio savan

This app is very old and almost very famous for listening of music and also many music listeners likes it very much and it is also one of the top growing apps in the music category. With the help of this app you can easily listen song of Bollywood, English and regional content such as Telugu ,Tamil, Punjabi ,Marathi ,Bengali, Canada, Gujarati Malayalam and Bhojpuri language. With the help of the app you can easily create your own playlist or you can also play online radios according to your mood.

With the help of this app you can also find interesting songs in it. There is also pro version which is easily available in this app and if you also want to download your music and also have an ad free experience in it.

  • Some of the features of jio Saavn
  • This app offers you with live music and also many lyrics for songs.
  • You can also download the music offline and also you can save data in this app.
  • This app support 320 KBPS audio music.
  • This app also has many shows and many podcast channels included in it.
  • This app is also easily available in Play Store app.


It is also a growing music industry and it also has the highest users in it. You will be almost shocked that it has amore than 30 million songs including many Indian languages such as Telugu ,Tamil ,Marathi, Canada ,Punjabi ,malalayam, Oriya Rajasthani ,Bengali ,Assamese and Bhojpuri and also many more Hindi and English songs in it.

You can also see that the lyrics are easily available in all of your favourite tracks. Also the main function of this app is that it has an inbuilt voice assistant which helps in playing your song according to your commands and it also have seen finding the songs which are played most in our locality and easily identify the songs for us. It also have the gaana plan subscription which helps you to download any music and also helps in getting rids of ads in it.

  • Some of the features of gaana app-
  • It has almost more than 45 million songs in it.
  • Also it supports HD quality music streaming in the apps.
  • It has radio stations
  • It is almost free but with ads present in it
  • Also it has various languages music present in it.
  • Some of the subscription plans of Gaana Plus-
  • It comes with a one month subscription of rupees 99
  • It comes with a 6 months subscription of rupees 249
  • It comes with a one month subscription of rupees 299

Wynk music

It is the airtel’s official music streaming app. Also the main feature of this app is that it offers free download of songs which any other streaming apps does not offers. It is almost limited to Airtel network users only and only they can only enjoy all of their features. Other networks can also enjoy wynk music app but they can only listen 100 music per month and if you want to download any song you have to pay some money to download it.

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Wynk music also offer different types of music which includes Indian language such as Punjabi, Telugu ,Tamil ,Bhojpuri ,Bengali Malayalam,Assamese ,Rajasthani, Gujarati Marathi ,Oriya , Kannada and also it has many Hindi and English songs in it. It also helps you to listen song without any ad between the songs.

  • Some of the features of wynk music app
  • By many of the user it is considered as one of the best music app which are available in India
  • It also allows HD music streaming
  • You can also find the lyrics of the song in this app so that you can also sing with the help of the lyrics.
  • This app is almost free to all of its network users.

Apple music

This app is also very good for a music listener and you also must be an Apple user to listen songs in it. This app contains membership subscription and then only you can stream musics from all over the world in this app. This app is totally add free and it also helps in downloading your favourite song but you have to pay some money to get subscription in it. You can also choose the premium subscription of rs 60 per month which comes in a very cheaper rate at the market.

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