The Best WordPress Plugins for New Bloggers

Best WordPress plugins:

Hello friends welcome to my blog today in this blog we are going to discuss about the best WordPress plugins. If you have also open your word press site and you don’t know to use which plugins in your WordPress then you have come to the right post to read and search about it you will do not have any confusion after reading this post that we should use which plugins and which not so try to read my whole post so from here I will start my today’s post.

If we start about the starting journey of the blogger they try to create the blog in the blogger platform. Because they don’t have much knowledge about the WordPress but when he gain all his knowledge about WordPress then he will make all his blog in the WordPress and all the things will become very easy for him and to make WordPress very easy plugins are used so that you do not face any difficulty while using it and also we can save much time by using plugins in WordPress.

List of the best word press plugins:

In this post I have discussed about different types of plugins through which we can make our WordPress very easy to use and also I will try to understand you in simple language in this post.

If you do not have much knowledge about WordPress. So you do not do any type of work through which your blog gets loss. Like using of waste material such as null themes and plugins to install in our blog. By doing this type of work your blog will be destroyed and you cannot use your blog nicely So I will suggest you that think always before you do anything in your blog.

Also there are many plugins which are a easily available in the word press store which can harm your blog and always think many points before installing any plugins to your blog.

  • Rank math
  • Jetpack
  • Akismet
  • One signals
  • Wordfence security
  • Advanced editor tools
  • Header footer code manager
  • Short pixel image optimizer
  • Broken link checker
  • AMP
  • Sassy social share
  • Auto Optimize
  • Easy tablet of contents
  • Contact form 7
  • Up draft Plus

The plugins which I have listed above are the most important plugins for the word press so try to understand this plugins in the description method.

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Rank Math:

So friend in today’s time this plugin is very useful for your word press.With the help of this you can easily do your SEO in your site so that your site will rank in the Google or any other search engine and also there are many features in this such as the schemes from which our Post will rank in the search engine and it will also so you how important your plugins are.

If you are using yoast plugin for your SEO so there is not difficulty because this plugin also do the work of this plugins but in this plugin you will enjoy most of the futures from the yoast plugins and it is also for free.


This is a very useful plugin for the wordpress so that you do not face any difficulty. This plugin has a very good features in it and also the good feature of this plugin is that your blog is very much safe so that your site will not be disturbed from many type of disturbance and it also keep it in distance and also some of his features are discuss below:-

  • With the help of this plugin you can easily see your page view.
  • You can easily create your contact form very easily.
  • Also if your site gets down it will send you a notification about it.
  • It provide protection to your blog.
  • The Main feature of this plugin is that it provide daily backup for your site.
  • Also for sharing your post the users are provided with social sharing option through which they can share anything which they want.
  • After you published your post the post will be immediately auto share to the social media.
  • You will see that at the end of the post a releted post is given for the user management to increase.
  • Also this help to create a site map for your blog so that you can easily create your site map from the rank math plug in and there is no difficulty in doing it.

This are the some features which you can use in the jetpack plugin.


The time when our blog gets very much old. Then many spam comments starts coming in our blog which create many difficulty for us so this plugin help us in removing spam content from our blogs. Also this plug in helps to keep our site safe from the spam comment. So that we can easily filter our comment also this plugin is available in the free version. Always try to use the free version of this plug in so that you do not face any difficulty at the beginning.

For using this plugin you will need API key which you can easily create by creating your account in this website and use it very easily.

One signals:

This is also a very useful plugin for your WordPress. By using this plug in you can easily increase your traffic in your blog and the main use of this blog is that if any person comes to your blog then that user will always be sent notification about your post. Through which if you publish any new post in your blog then the users will get notification and then they will come to your blog post to read it and the plugins which are used to send notification are called push notification.

Wordfence Security:

As we have usually discuss about the jetpack plugin in the above post and we have discussed that it helps us in providing security and Wordfence security also help your blog to provide a huge amount of security to it. This plugin is also very useful for your blog and also you must use this plug in for your site.

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