Top 10 Free Digital Marketing Courses with Certificate in 2023: Course Details, Eligibility, Reviews

Top 10 Free Digital Marketing Courses

Digital Marketing Courses:- Online video tutorials and classes on digital marketing are available for free from renowned academic institutions and industry leaders throughout the world. Universities, online learning platforms, and digital marketing professionals all provide a variety of free courses in digital marketing online.

After completing the course, some of these free digital marketing courses give shareable certifications as part of certification programs. It promotes the specialist area and aids in the creation of a portfolio. But for the majority of platforms, shareable certificates can only be obtained by purchasing the premium version.

Online digital marketing courses are widely available for free. For all types of students, whether they are aspiring digital marketers or already have some experience in the area, the post covers the top 10 free digital marketing courses.

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing – Google

Digital Marketing Courses:- Learning Digital Marketing from Google itself is the best way to do it. The free online course in digital marketing covers every subject in the field and is appropriate for both novice and experienced users.

You can work through its 26 modules at your own time. Written content, video lessons, and knowledge-testing quizzes make up each module.

A complimentary certificate from Google is also included. The best method to begin a career in digital marketing and expand your professional skill set is to obtain a Google certificate.

Inbound Marketing Free Certification Course – Hubspot Academy

Digital Marketing Courses:- It is a 4-hour long training from Hubspot Academy that is acknowledged in the industry. The course, which has 10 courses, 34 videos, and 9 quizzes, seeks to introduce the fundamentals of inbound marketing.

Fundamentals of inbound marketing, content strategy planning, blog post creation, growth tactics, and social media marketing are among the subjects addressed in the course. Hubspot Academy will provide free certificates of completion to students.

Online Marketing Manager – LinkedIn Learning

Digital Marketing Courses:- For those who are already familiar with the fundamentals of digital marketing and wish to advance in their careers to managerial positions, this 24-hour course is for you.

The finest ways to market online, including leveraging cutting-edge digital marketing strategies and social media advertising, are covered in the course.

There are 11 modules in the course, which cover topics including growth hacking, SEO, email marketing, Google Analytics, marketing on Facebook and Twitter, and UX design.

If students join up for the free 1-month trial of LinkedIn Learning, they can take the course and receive a certificate for no cost.

Digital Marketing Strategy – edX

Digital Marketing Courses:- The University of Edinburgh is providing the course via edX. The course, which is instructed by two University of Edinburgh professors, concentrates on the fundamentals of strategic digital marketing. If you put in 4 to 6 hours a week, you can finish the course in 8 weeks.

Auditing the course is cost-free. The edX membership must be purchased by students in order to receive a certificate of completion.

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Digital Strategy and Action – edX

Digital Marketing Courses:- Babson College is providing the course through edX. It teaches students to the aspects of digital marketing strategy that large corporations like Amazon, Google, Netflix, and Facebook have in common.

Additionally, case studies of the CEOs of these businesses are covered in the course, along with advice on how to launch a digital marketing business.

Auditing the entire course is cost-free. If they desire a certificate of completion that has been signed by the teacher, students can also choose the premium version.

Digital Media and Marketing Strategies – Coursera

Digital Marketing Courses:- The University of Illinois is providing the course through Coursera. One of the seven areas of specialization in digital marketing is this one. The 15-hour course emphasizes social media marketing, online marketing, and the fundamentals of email marketing.

It is free to complete in audit mode. If they want to receive a certificate of completion, students can choose the premium option.

Digital Marketing Strategy – Learn@Forbes

Digital Marketing Courses:- A number of free online courses are offered through Learn@Forbes. The training lasts three hours and is self-paced.

It covers the components of creating a digital marketing plan, such as comprehending the client journey and the main moral and legal concerns with digital advertising.

A 14-day free trial of Learn@Forbes can be used to access the digital marketing strategy course without cost. Only those students who continue their membership after the trial period are eligible for the completion certificate.

Digital Marketing: How to Build the Perfect Strategy – Skillshare

Digital Marketing Courses:- Owner of a digital marketing agency Alex Bodini is the instructor for the course. Topics covered in the course include CTAs, Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, cost-effective Sales, etc. The course consists of 15 brief lessons on how to develop a perfect Digital Marketing strategy.

The Skillshare platform offers free access to the course. A two-month free trial of Skillshare is available. Only those students who continue their membership after the trial period are eligible for the completion certificate.

Internet Marketing for Smart People – Copyblogger

Digital Marketing Courses:- The blog Copyblogger is well-known for its selection of data on marketing tactics. It offers a free internet marketing training online. The 20 modules that make up the course will be emailed to the students. The free online course on digital marketing also includes e-books and a ton of other materials on a variety of related subjects.

The Beginners Guide to Online Marketing – Quicksprout University

Digital Marketing Courses:- The Quicksprout platform is a great resource for learning about internet and digital marketing. A course and e-book called The Beginners Guide to Online Marketing is designed to teach students the fundamentals of digital marketing. You can access the course for nothing. Although there is no completion certificate offered, students are free to proceed at their own pace.

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