What is my name Google

What is my name Google

  • Hello friends welcome to my blog you are willing to  know from Google that what is our name you often ask this question from Google. So you have to read this full post to get much more information through which you can use Google assistant through which you can easily know that. I will request you to read the full post to get all the knowledge about it.
    How to ask Google our name and also how to change the name of the Google assistant but to do this you have to know all the important information and also I have share in this post so read this post carefully to get much more knowledge about it.

What is my name Google?

Google is a very useful website and after Google has come to the world the people often try to know all the answer of the questions through it nowadays people use Google assistant to tell anything and it also help us to maintain our daily routine easily.
Google is a very smart search engine and also with that Google has also launched many apps for our daily use such as Google documents Google keep and many more products which I also use in my daily routine. If any user of Google has a very simple smartphone then also Google will help you to say Google what is my name through the Google assistant. So be ready I will teach you how to set the Google show that it could read your name in it. For this you have to read all the important features that I have discussed below and not try to skip any of the points so that it you will face very difficulty after that.

  • How to tell Google our name and after that ask about it:
    Just we have to follow some simple steps and after doing it just you have to ask OK Google what is my name then the Google will tell your name easily.
  • First go to the Google app:
    If you do not have Google app in your phone then go to the Play Store to download it .In the Play Store just simply type Google and the apps will appear in front of your Play Store.
    After this you have to open the app:
    After clicking on the app you have to go to the icon which is given in the side and click on it. You will be easily able to get all the Google assistant settings in it. Please try to follow all the steps.
  • Then you have to go to the settings:
    After clicking on the setting option we will easily able to get all the settings of the Google assistant clearly.
  • Try to recognize your voice to the Google:
    Then go to the voice option and click on it after going to the voice option then we have to go to the voice recognize option then after that we have to follow some simple steps. After following all the steps you have to click next. To recognize our voice you have to click on the voice match option and click on it.

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  • Ok Google
  • Hey Google
    After that it will recognize our voice easily in some device it will be active after four times.
  • After doing this we have to check whether the Google has setup our voice or not:
    If you have follow all the steps which I have told earlier in the above post and Google assistant can recognize our voice then we will see ok Google option will appear in our screen then it will recognize our voice again.
  • Check whether Google is telling our name or not:
    For checking this we have to go on our home page of the phone after this we have to say ok Google then a new screen will pop up will come. You can also pop up by clicking on the power button of the phone. After this you can ask Google anything and Google will answer it easily.
    The steps which which I have told in the above post and by which only you can do all the Google settings and you will feel easy.
    We can also Google many thing other than our name, I have listed some things below which which will help you just you have to do is that you have to tell ok Google and then Google app will open in front of us and ask anything which you want to ask and Google will easily answer all your question.

I am also listed some questions which people often asked in Google:

  • Who is the president of India?
  • Which is the longest river in India?
  • Google who is the president of America?
  • Google today bank is closed or open?
  • Google today is match of which team?
  • Google please listen me one song?
  • Google what is the length of qutub minar?
  • Google help me finding in my location?
  • Google today’s weather?
  • Also Google helps as in doing many types of work like doing our homework. We can also represent our businesses in the Google so that the customer easily come to know about our shop and if we want to search for any shop then also Google helps us in finding it. Now a days Google have open a payment option which is called Google pay which helps us to pay as online if we have no cash present with us. Sundar pichai who is from Indian origin ,is the present CEO of the Google. It also help us to gather information about different topics and if we get stuck in some work it also helps us in covering it. Google has many uses.
    So from the above post I have tried to cover all the related information about the Google clearly and I also think that there will not be any problem for any users after reading this post. I have tried to cover each and every part of it from the core of my heart. And I am also very confident that you will very get influence with this and like my post because my post are always related to knowledge based information.

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