What is SEO

What is SEO?

­SEO stands for search engine optimization. In a very simple language SEO states their process of improving our website to increase its flexibility in Google Microsoft and another search engine whenever people are searching for it:

  • Products we sell
  • Services we provide
  • To provide the information on the topic in which we have deep experience.

The better the visibility of our page become in search result the more is the chance   to be found our website easily and we can get clicked on it. In the end,the target of Search Engine optimisation is to help pull the website visitors who will become our customers, clients that keeps coming back in our website.

Why is search engine optimization very important to us?

To get the better knowledge of the value of the SEO lets get down into the definition of SEO into three parts:

  • Organic search result of SEO: The listing that is included in the search engine result has possesion and  are mostly closely connected to the users. Organic search result are very different from the ads in which they are positioned and are situated on the search engine organic ranking other than the advertisers bids. We can never pay for the page to rank higher in the organic search result.
  • Quality of organic traffic in SEO: The question is that how relevant is the user and the search query that are related to the content that exist on their website. Also it has the quality that it can attract the visitors from all over the world and if they are coming to our side then Google tell them that we are a resource for Apple computers when really they are needed for a farmer selling apples than the visitors are likely to leave our side without completing any complain with us. The visitors always include high quality traffic that are generally interested in the products or information of the resource that site offers
  • Quantity of organic traffic in SEO:The chance of the user to reach our site via organic search result are far more likely to click on the search result thar appear near the top of the SERP that is why it is important to use our SEO strategy to be rank more relevant pages as highly as we can and the big positive point about it is that the more high quality visitors we will attract to our side the more like is that we can increase our valuable conversations.

What is SEO?

The advantages of search engine optimization

  1. The main point of SEO is that it is totally free of cost and it only depends on how much time we can spend on our website researching keywords and utilising them and it can be our high quality content.
  2. We can also use local SEO tools such as Google For business that can help our business to localised traffic.
  3. SEO is also mobile friendly and good SEO also means that our site is responsible and our site speed is good that no latency can appear for mobile user.
  4. Seo Is also expert status that follows best SEO  practises that means that our site is in authority. And also if we have only one article per keyword and we can only have back links from high quality sites.
  5. SEO is  also customer friendly that potential the customer to find the site because of our SEO because they come to our site to see how much  we are professional. There are very less chances of grammatical errors in our content. And also it uses the very latest technology on a very secured side and it can only need to locate the buy button.

The biggest disadvantages of search engine optimization:

  1. The biggest disadvantages of search engine optimization is that it is targeted by competitors that effective SEO means we ranks high. The sight which rank high in the search engine optimization regularly targeted by the competitors who wine test lies of the SEO which means that they are always on our toes.
  2. It also has the biggest disadvantages that it can also penalty that need to always be on top of our game which may also need some financial investment in it.
  3. It is also a very slow result because search engine optimization is not a very fast moving process which can update our site and can use our best practices and cannot see our result in months.

It can also not promise you because it could not update the content and website feature that we can still find in our side which has improved from before.

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What is SEO?

Can from this I can learn best practices for search engine optimization?

The best resource on the web that can teach how to learn SEO is Moz. And it is also compulsory that if you are completely new to the world of Search marketing we must start very new beginning and read the very updated beginners guide from the experience person to SEO.

There are basically three types of search engine optimization

  • The first is the technical SEO which can optimise our technical expect of our website.
  • The onsite as you that can optimise the content of our website for users and search engine that can help our users
  • The main part of SEO is that it offsight seo that can create brand assets that can do anything which will ultimately enhance our brand awareness and recognisation in the market and demand generation for the users.

How does the search engine optimization works?

The SEO which is the search engine such as Google which uses an algorithm to determine whether the pages we show for the any given query. Also it needs that the algorithm that evolved to be extremely very flexible and take into accounts hundreds or even thousands of different of ranking factors decide that whether we can rank on one of their serps. There are many types of core Metrics but I will like to share only 3 of that search engine that mainly evaluate that discuss the quality of a site and how it much should work to rank.

  • Links
  • Content
  • Page structure.

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