Who to Buy An Electric Car

The reasons to buy an electric car:

Hello friends welcome to my post today in this post we are going to give the reasons why to buy an electric cars. Also we will discuss in detail about its advantage and disadvantages of this cars.

To get all the information related to electric cars try to read my whole post so that you can understand everything easily and check whether to buy an electric car or not.

Also in this post we will compare the price of electric car with the petrol and diesel cars. To Get all the information related to these, try to read my whole post so that you do not have any confusion after this and also try to read my each line carefully so that you will not miss anything.

Advantages of electric cars:

The main advantage of buying electric car is to have a low budget to buy this cars. To buy electric cars in many states with scheme of fame 2 scheme it provides government person subsidy through it. So before buying electric car you must read the guidelines of the government which they have given so that you can also enjoy subsidiary for buying the electric cars.

In today’s time all the people in the world are almost going through electric cars very fastly but also there are also some people who are always confused whether to buy electric cars or not. If you are also confused whether to buy electric cars or not then I am going to give three advantages through which you can easily buy electric cars and all your confusion will also be cleared through this three points.

In low expense we can go to a long distance:

The biggest profit of buying an electric car is that we can go to a long distance at a very low cost. It can bring the low costing of any trip. For going a hundred kilometre trip with the petrol car we must have to expand almost 600 to 800 rupees but in the electric cars to cover a 100 KM distance

it can cost you less than 100 rupees also you can save many rupees by consuming low fuels so this is the reason electric cars are very low budget cars than petrol cars. You can save thousand of rupees by taking a electric car.

You can get free off always fueling your cars :

The biggest plus point of buying electric car is that you can charge this car at your home also. But to full your tank of your petrol car you have to go to the nearest petrol pump or if there is no nearest petrol pump then you have to travel a long distance to fuel your car.

But to go to a long distance from the electric car you must face difficulty while charging it. Because to charge a electric car there is not much infrastructure which is built in our country till now. But you do not have to get tensed because our country is developing much electric charge station so we cannot face any difficulty while going to a long distance in our electric cars.

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There is also low maintenance in the electric cars:

To do a servicing of a electric car there is always low costing while doing maintenance of this cars. Because in this types of cars there is no need of engine maintenance engine oil so we can save money in it.

This cars runs on the principle of electric motor which does not need any maintenance. So there is always a low costing in the electric cars.

Government also provide subsidy in this types of cars:

To buy electric cars different types of states provide the scheme of fame-2 through which the government people can easily get subsidy from it. To get much information about the subsidy you can easily go to the government official site to get much knowledge about it.

Now you are going to discuss about the disadvantages of electric cars:

The charging point of this cars:
The biggest disadvantages of this car is to charge this car we must have to find an charging station. If we are at our home then we cannot find any difficulty in charging our car but if we have to go to a long distance then we could not use this car because in our country there are not much infrastructure build for electric cars so that we can charge in our route.

The battery cost of this cars:
We all know that the fuel is not used in the electric cars. But to run the electric car the battery of this cars come in a very huge amount. If the Battery of this cars are not always changed in the year then the car will be damaged.

It will impact our electricity bill:
The biggest disadvantages of this car is that it consume very much electric current. So we have to pay a huge amount of bill at the end of the month for charging this cars. Sometime the electric cars consumes a huge amount of electric current as usual so it can consume a huge amount of electric current in our home and we have to pay a huge bill amount.

It could cost your high amount to buy a electric car:
So friends you will be surprised that an electric cars comes in a very huge amount rather than a petrol or diesel cars. The cost price of a diesel or petrol car starts from a range of 3 to 4 lacs in the other hand the electric cars starts in the range of 9 to 12 lakh.

As you also know to full the tank of a fuel car it almost takes 4 to 5 minutes but in the case of electric cars to charge it could take your time of 4 to 6 hours.

So from the above post it is discussed that whether to buy an electric car or not. All the things in the world have both advantage and disadvantages. So before buying an electric car you must take suggestion from the talented people who have purchased an electric car before before buying it so that you cannot face any problem afterwards.

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