The Dangerous Games of the World

The Dangerous Game of the World

Dangerous Game of the World: Hello friends welcome to my post today in this blog we are going to discuss about the most dangerous game of the world. In today’s time there are many games in the market which are both online and offline which are very dangerous to us. From this game many of the people have lost their lives. Did you know before about the game which could take the life of the people?

If you don’t know about this game then today from this post I am going to share about the most dangerous game of the world which you should not play. And also I am going to discuss about it in point wise so that why this games are very dangerous to us.

There are many outdoor game which are available in both offline and online which could be very risky for our lives. I am going to discuss about the popular games below. 

The list of the dangerous games of the world:

I am requesting you to only gain knowledge about it and don’t have to play it so that it would take your life. This games are obviously very risky for our life.

 Fire Fairy:

So friend we will start about fire Fairy is a online game, it is a online prank game through which small child are targeted and the small child are pranked.

In this game the child are told to wake up at night and without making any noise they have to go to the kitchen room and switch on the gas and return back and sleep after doing this. After getting morning they will get the tag of fire Fairy. This is a Russian game and because of this game Russia witness the 40 + cases of murder. It is one of the most dangerous game in the world.

Blue whale challenge:

Blue whale game or blue whale challenge was a mad game. Through this game ,small child and youngsters are targeted. Philip budekin, a psychology student made this game in the year 2013, and the main motive of this game was to remove the biological waste from the society. In this game biological waste are the people who have given their life because of this game.

Philip was a 21 year psychological student, after these game he was arrested by the police. This game was also discovered in Russia. This game had impacted a very strong power in the social network.

This game was played in the different levels and after a people pass to clear the first level then he will have to complete a challenge to complete the second level. The last level challenge of this game was to take the life of themselves.(Dangerous Games of the World)

This game was almost completed in 50 days and from this game 60 + murders were notice from this game.

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 Cinnamon challenge:

This game was also prank challenge which was viral from the YouTube videos and it also viral very much. In this game a people have to take a limited amount of poison, but in this game it is seen that the poison they eat ,after that they have a lung problem. In this game a people have to eat a cinnamon poison and they do not have to not drink a water for 1 minute.

Chocking games:

Through choking game a physical game is played ,through which many friends try to chock the neck of one of their friends. Through this game if any two strongest friend, one friend have to chock the other friend for 2 minutes. Also this game is played until the friend is fully serious. It is always seen that within 2 minutes the people are almost serious and also through this game 8 peoples have lost their life.

Mariyam game:

It is a online game. In this game it is shown that a small girl is lost in the jungles and she is trying to return to her home but she could not return, in this game it is told that the player will help the little girl to return to its home. In this time they try to take the personal information from the players and they try to join it to the game.

In this game the vision and the sound they hear are very dangerous which try to afraid the players. When this game was launched the theme of it could afraid the people easily and also there were many protest done to remove this game in social media.

Tide pod challenge:

Through this game a task was given to the players through which they have to eat the detergent powder, and after eating it they were strictly told not to voimit or swallow the Saliva.

Through this game three peoples lost their lives and also 50 patient were serious and they were hospitalised. After this the game was banned in England. In today’s time England has name the tide pods as the most dangerous game of the world.

Five finger fillet:

This was the online game and it was outdoor game. Through this game a people have to open their hands fully, and they have to keep a knife in the other hand, then they have to attack the life in between the two fingers very powerfully.

Through this game the people always try to attack their fingers and always try to run the knife in between them. After this game many people have lost their fingers and also some people have lost their hands because of this game. Also this game is not fully band and in today’s world also many people play this dangerous game.

Gallon challenge:

It is also a very dangerous game. It is a offline and outdoor game and this game is usually played in America. Through this game a people have to drink a 38 l of milk which is kept in the cans. This game is very dangerous because keeping 38 l of milk in our stomach is very dangerous for our life.

Not only milk but if we keep anything 38 l in our stomach, then this could be very dangerous for our life. Because our stomach could not hold such amount of liquid in our stomach at the same time.(Dangerous Game of the World)

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