The Price of Gun with License in India

The Price of Gun with License in India: 

The Price of Gun with License in India: Hello friends welcome to my post today in this post we are going to discuss about the gun price in India with license. Through this post I am going to share each and every points which will help you in clearing all your doubts.

Through which you can easily learn the people who are keeping the guns with them are following the which necessary information’s through which they can keep the gun at their home. Talking about the security of the people, it is provided by the Indian government. Also if any people has gone to other country for any work then also the Indian government providing security in other country also.

If any people in India is trying to have a gun for their own security then they can easily own a gun with a licence in India. In India any people can keep a gun the only thing required is the licence from the Indian government. In this post I am only going to discuss about the gun which is licensed by the Indian Government and not about the katta.

You must have a solid reason to have a gun at your home. After listening to the solid reason only the Indian government will verify you and give you a licence for keeping a gun at your home. From this post I am not only going to share the price of the gun but also I am going to share how to purchase a licence from the Indian government, Indian government we have to write application to the Indian government, in this post I am going to teach you how to write the application to the Indian government for giving you a licence in India.

And if you really want to purchase the gun, and you don’t know how to purchase the gun you have to read my whole post. Because in this post I have tried to share all the important topics which you must read and get all the necessary information on how to purchase a gun and license it from the Indian government.

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Gun price in India with license:

In India to keep a licensed gun it is given in the act of arms act 1959. While purchasing a gun the charge you pay for it, there are many charges including in it like rifle club charges, redrox society charges and stamp charges are included in it. Which is necessary to give otherwise you will not get a licence in India.

There are also many things which I have shared in the post which I have shared below in this post. From which you will get to learn new new things and you can easily do anything after reading the post.

I have tried to share the gun list and also its price list and also listed the gun which comes after license from the Indian government. And if you sort the least in the Indian government for giving the licence to you then you can easily get the gun after licensing it from Indian Government.

  • The expenditure of 22 bore rifle for licensing is 40 thousand rupees. The renewal of this gun comes with the price of 20 rupees each year.
  •  The price of mln and airgun is 10 thousand rupees.
  •  The 12 bore katta will cost you around 1000 rupees.
  •  The 315 katta will cost you around 1500 rupees.
  • The value of contremed pistol and revolver will cost you around 5000 rupees.
  •  The revolver and the pistol will cost you around 58000 rupees.
  •  The value of the rifle will cost you around 38000 rupees.
  •  The double barrel gun will cost you around 26000 rupees.
  •   The singer barrel pistol will cost you around 16000 rupees.
  •   The 32 caliber revolver will cost you around 1 lakh thirty eight thousand rupees.
  • There are also many guns which will spend your much money from your pocket.
  •  What are the necessary steps which we must follow to buy gun in India?

If you are a permanent resident of India and trying to purchase a gun you must have to follow the necessary steps and this also takes much time in it. And to follow this necessary steps you have to go to the government office several times and then they will do your work.

  •  The first step is to take a form from the collectorate office and try to fill the form fast and then submit it in the office.
  •  After filling the form it will directly go to the police verification.
  •  After the police verification this form will directly go to the nearby police station of yours. And after this the police will come to your home for the verification of your address and you must have to follow the police guidelines.
  •  The CSP will verify that they will give the gun to us or not. We cannot interact in any of the CSP programs.
  •  After this form will be fully verified and then this will go to the SP office and after that they will verify it.
  •  After normal test they will verify that whether we have a criminal background or not.
  •  After the verification of the criminal background, our form will be submitted in the district special branch.
  •  After that DSP will fully verify our criminal background and after verifying it he will send it back to the SP office.
  •  And after all the verification the final verification will be done by the SP and he will only give you approval for your licence. After this our final approval will be sent to the ADM office.
  • After the permission of SSP, ADM will provide you the license of the gun.

It is not easy to purchase a licence gun. Because for the purchase of this we have to go through several government security schemes.

Today from the above post I have teached you that how to purchase a licenced gun. And I also think the information I have given through this post will help you. I tried to explain all the things about how to purchase a license gun in India so that you cannot find any problem on purchasing it.

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