What is IP Address and How Does it Works

What is IP Address

Hello friends welcome to my blog today in this blog we are going to discuss about IP address and also will discuss how does it works. So if you also want to know what is an IP address you have to read my whole post and also do not try to skip any part of it so that you any confusion after reading this. So how we will start over today’s topic about IP address.

Definition of IP address:

IP stands for Internet protocol address. It is usually an identifying number which is closely associated with any type of specific computer or any of the computer network. Whenever we get connected to our internet it will always help us to allow all the information to send and receive in our computer.

  • Some of the important points about IP address:
  • It allows your computer to send and receive information in it.
  • It is divided into four parts such as public, private, static and dynamic.
  • It also helps us in receiving the right information from the right parties so it also means that it will also help us in tracking the users location in some of the instances when we need.
  • How does an IP address works:-

It is most usually helps the computer to send an receive data with the help of the internet. Also I would like to tell you that most of it are purely numerical but when the internet starts growing the letter also starts adding to some of the addresses.

There are usually four types of IP address such as public ,private ,static and dynamic. Also the public and the private are always indicated of the location of their network-the most important point to not here is that private is always used inside internet whereas the public is always used outside the network and also the static and dynamic in the IP address shows or indicate its permanency.

The one which are usually manually created are known as static IP address, and always there opposed to have been assigned to it. Also an important point to not here is that static address does not change anytime in the other hand the dynamic IP address has been assigned by a dynamic host configuration protocol (DHCP) server and there is always a chance that it will change anytime. It is one of the most common type of Internet protocol address. Also I would like to tell you that dynamic host configuration protocol are only active for a certain amount of time after a given time they will easily expire. So after a given time you must have to change your IP address automatically it will request a new lease.

Also social security number (SSN)and IP address are always compared to each other because they are uniquely completely associated to the computer or it is easily assigned to the users. Whenever we have to send any information on the internet this always helps us in creating of numbers which allow our router to identify it.

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Some of the examples of an IP address:-

In IP address has mainly two parts which includes the network ID which comprise of the three numbers of the address and the next is host id which has fourth number in the address. So one of the home network for example is usually call the number ID and final number which is given in it is called the host id.

  • The main use of the IP address is listed below. So the use of IP address is:-
  • By connecting to a network which is connected to the internet it will directly connect your internet to your device. It will easily grant your device access to the internet.
  • Whenever we are present at our home the network will always be available to our network as internet service provider but at the work it will be always our computer network.
  • Our IP address is usually assigned to our device by our ISP.
  • Also you must know an important point that our internet activity always goes through the ISP and by using our IP address they always route it back to us. Since they are allowing of access to our internet it is there role to give as an IP address to our device.
  • Also there is a great chance that our IP address will change time to time. For example turning of modem or router on or off can change the IP address easily. Or you can easily contact your ISP and they can easily change your IP address for you.
  • Whenever you have gone out for any vacation or for your job then you could not take your device with you and also your home IP address does not comes with you. Because whenever you are out you are using different network such as Wi-Fi at a hotel, airport or a coffee shop etc. It will easily provide you internet but it will give you different and temporary IP address which is assigned to the ISP of the hotel, airport or coffee shop.
  • The different types of IP address:

There are different types of IP address which I have discussed below just you have to read my post line by line to understand everything. So now we are going to discuss about different types of IP address:-

Consumer IP address:-

Every individual or an business has more than two IP address in there internet service such as private IP addresses and also their public IP address. In the simple language both the public and private relates to the network location always a private IP address is used inside an network while a public one is always used outside the network.

Private IP addresses:-

Every device which has internet connection has an private IP this includes many things such as computer smartphone tablet and also and Bluetooth enable devices like speakers printers or smart TV. We also know that the internet is always growing and by growing of it the number of private IP address also is probably growing at our home.

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