What is WordPress and How to Create Site on it

Hello friends welcome to my blog today in this blog we are going to discuss about the WordPress and also in this post we are going to briefly discuss how to create a site on a WordPress.

Definition of WordPress:

I would like to tell you that it is an open source content CMS software through which we can easily build modify or maintain our website in it. In technical terms it is said that it runs on many database such as MYSQL or Maria DB. It also includes many of the features such as plug insen themes among them.

  • Also below I have listed some of the reason so that we can use WordPress:-
  • The main reason is that it is free of cost:

I would like to tell you that if any user will start doing anything on their web they have to secure their web by getting a hosting and a domain name before getting to use the WordPress, also the wordpress platform is entirely free of cost and you do not have to pay any amount of money and you can easily download it and use it.

Also the wordpress is very highly flexible and customisable:

It has many application through which you can do the blogging or creating an online portfolio so that you can easily build an E-Commerce store in the WordPress. It also welcome many of its community developers. Also I would like to tell you that there are many official wordpress library that are present such as theme and the plugin option and also the third party depositories.

WordPress is a scalable platform:

It has many functions such as it can handle many of its website of any size as long as the web hosting plane has all of its necessary resources in the WordPress. Also there is no need of migration to different platform from once the website takes off in it.

It is very relative to use and it is also very easy:

Also wordpress requires less technical knowledge significantly compared to the hand coding website from the scratch. Also tweaking with the code is still an option but its impossible to build a beautiful and a fully functional website which will look our site graphical user interface.

Some of the features of the WordPress:

It is a content management system that are full with a various amount of features. Now we are going to discuss about the some of the most important features of the WordPress:

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The settings and the dashboards of the admin:-

The admin dashboard of the wordpress is also known as the admin area. It help to allow all of its administrators and authorised contributor to easily modify it and also easily perform maintenance in it.

How to get a wordpress site:-

I have discussed some of the easy steps through which you can easily launch your own wordpress site.

Always try to define the idea and the main content of the wordpress site:-

  • The first thing you have to know is that what kind of Website do you want to start and this is always the first important step you must know to launch your own wordpress site. It can be anything such as creating your own blog ,any commerce site or a company profile etc.
  • Whenever you are getting a site for your personal use always try to choose the topic which will help you focus on it and always try to pick up niche for your content.
  • Your owns site can include anything like photography blog, travel blog or food blog. And I will also like to tell you that always choose the blog which you like very much and does not choose the blog which you don’t like because it will not long run your website very nicely.
  • Always think of deciding on a niche then you will always think about the ultimate goal of your website. Whenever you have an goal you have settled on, it will always make you consistent and you will always be successful in it.

Always choose a good domain name for your site:-

  • Another important point is that always try to choose a good domain name. Because it will help you in representing your brand.
  • Also I would explain you these in simple example that Wikipedia ,YouTube and Netflix have one thing in common that a short and unique name which is easy to spell and recall in any of our mind.
  • Therefore you should always choose a good domain name which can be easily spelled and recall and also visitor can easily understand for what you are creating a blog in your site.

Always set up a web hosting service:-

  • The first thing before launching of wordpress site is to find the right web host. There are also some important points which we should consider whenever choosing a hosting provider:-
  • What we need:-we must always think what is the plan of our site for the next one year and also how our site will grow big. Also how many resources are required by our website.
  • Always choose a 24/7 operating and stable web host which is always essential for the WordPress.
  • Whenever we feel that our website is going down or having any problem in it we would contact any of the customer support for our help to repair our site.
  • Always we should choose a control panel which is easy to navigate. And also I have seen in many of the cases the website owner doesn’t have a background in their programming so there is a great chance that they will lose all of their data. After that they will face a huge difficulty in backing up all of their data.
  • We must always think of affordable site for purchasing. Because always think that budget and cost are important when we have to run a website in the long run. So do not pay more for a web host that doesn’t caters to your needs well. In the beginning we should always choose the cheapest web hosting companies because if we fail also in it then also there is no pressure enough.

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